Our Heavenly Ski  House (it works for Snow Boarder's too) is a four (4) bedroom, three (3) full bath house, that sits on an natural one acre lot, and surrounded on all sides by US Forest Land.  Very private but also just a minute or two walk to Heavenly's Boulder Ski Lift and Lodge. And one of Heavenly's two children's Ski Schools is located at this lift!  

Not a condo or timeshare

Besides the uniqueness of the proximity to the Boulder lodge and lift, we have no immediate neighbors and thus, our guests enjoy peace and quiet.  As opposed to the densely populated condo's and timeshares that can often create an unpleasant vacation experience. 

Children's Ski School

If you're a family or two (our house is large enough to comfortably host more than one family), and you have children that will be enrolled in the Ski School, our house can not be more convenient. Although the Ski mountain opens at 9 a.m., the School requires the students to arrive between 8 and 8:15.  Now the adults have to wait around for 45 minutes to an hour till they can get their ski day started.  But because of the proximity to our house, parents can easily get the kids ready, drop them off at the school (parents are not permitted to wait around with them), then return to the house and get yourselves geared up and ready for your day on the slopes.  No commute time coming and going and coming again to the mountain and lifts.