How to find us

The address of the house is 160 South Benjamin Drive Stateline NV 89449  (Google Map it). We're just a minute walk to Heavenly's Boulder Lift and  Lodge, yet our house is very private, and very secluded from neighbors, noise, ... See directions from the Bay Area, and Reno, below.

From the Bay Area

Take 80 East to  Sacramento. Once 80 nears Sacramento, there will be signs for Hwy  50/South Lake Tahoe. Take 50/South Lake Tahoe all the way.

If you  don't have an all wheel drive/4wheel drive vehicle, you may need  chains. Please carry them with you. If the weather warrants chains and  you don't have them, the authorities will make you turn around and go  back.

Once you start to descend from Echo Summit (the signs to  indicate you are on Echo Summit are hard to see, but you'll know because  you will begin down hill toward the Lake), you will follow that until  the road levels out. You will begin to see gas stations, stores, other  commercial outlets,...

Look for the traffic light (the first  light) that intersects with Pioneer Trail. It's a 3 way stop light. Make  a right turn onto Pioneer Trail.

Take Pioneer Trail to the end  (approximately 8 miles). It ends at a traffic light that intersects with  highway 50 again (or Lake Tahoe Blvd). At that light, make a right turn  onto Lake Tahoe Blvd. (toward the big hotels/casino's - you can't miss  them).

Pass the casino's. The last casino on the right is Mont  Bleu. After you pass Mont Bleu, there is a traffic light. That 1st light  is actually for the back of Mont Bleu's parking lot. Go past that to  the very next light. That next light intersects with Route 207/Kingsbury  Grade. Make a right turn there.

Take Rt. 207 approximately 2.5 -  3 miles (all up hill) until you get to South Benjamin Drive. Make a  right onto S. Benjamin Drive. You can't miss it. It's well marked with a  large stone wall that reads S. Benjamin Drive, Village Summit.

At  the point you make the right, it will be approximately .5 to .75 miles  until there's a sign that says "Heavenly Stagecoach (with an arrow  pointing left) and Boulder (with an arrow pointing right). Follow right  toward Boulder. As you head down hill toward Boulder, you will see the  only house on the right #160 South Benjamin Drive. You've arrived!

From Reno

Take 395 South toward Carson City.
Go  through Carson City (the capital of NV, and 25 mph) until you pass all  the lights, government buildings, commercial stores, … You'll still be  on 395 South, but back to moving at highway speed.

Follow that  for another 15 or 20 minutes. You'll pass a Home Depot / Target shopping  center, then a Walmart shopping Center, Then a Best Buy shopping  center... all on the right. Keep going. Probably another 5 or 10 minutes  you'll see a Dairy Queen on the right. It stands alone, but in a larger  shopping area.

Just at that point, the road will kind of split.  Actually 395S will curve toward the left, but you want to go RIGHT onto  Rt 88. There will be a High School just as you make that right onto  Rt.88 (which is just after the Dairy Queen on the right).
Take Rt 88  for about 5 minutes (maybe less). You'll pass the Carson Valley Vet  Hospital and Kennel on the right. At the next right hand turn, Rt 207 /  Kingsbury Grade, make that right. It's well marked with a sign before  you get to the turn. It'll be a flat straight road until you reach a  stop sign. Then there’s a big mountain / hill to climb.

Take Rt  207 / Kingsbury Grade all the way up the hill. It's about 10 - 15 miles.  Once you reach the top and start to descend, you will pass a firehouse  on the right. The very next left is South Benjamin Drive. Make that  left. Take South Benjamin Dr (approx 1/2 mile) until you reach a sign  that says "Stagecoach" with an arrow pointing left, and "Boulder" with  an arrow pointing right. Follow right toward "Boulder". Our house is the  only house on the right before you reach the Boulder Parking lot. #160  South Benjamin Drive